VF5: Final Showdown Pegged for Next Week

VF5: Final Showdown Pegged for Next Week

by May 29, 2012

Ready?  FIGHT!

In addition to the big tell today concerning Sonic Adventure 2’s re-release to digital download platforms in due course, there was a more blatant confirmation of another Sega game long anticipated–Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown.

The last revision to Sega’s flagship fighting game will be out next Wednesday, June 6th in North America for 1200 Microsoft points, or $15.  It is expected to release on the Playstation Network a day earlier, next Tuesday, June 5th.

Sega is hoping fans will go beyond the base price and splurge on a little DLC, which contains numerous extra costumes and setups, but in all will cost double over the core game.

We will see next week during E3 whether Sega plans to release more than this and the avatar items for SA2.  Sega has a habit of late releasing small trinkets months before the actual game–see Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II–but it wouldn’t be a total surprise.