Daytona USA DLC Added to PSV Ridge Racer

Daytona USA DLC Added to PSV Ridge Racer

by May 31, 2012

Only in Japan Will you See Blue, Blue Skies

Sega of Japan continues its cross-pollination efforts with word of a special DLC release on the Playstation Vita edition of Ridge Racer.

The iconic Hornet stock car from Daytona USA has been added for download.  Exclusive to Japan for now, the 250 yen purchase allows players to race as the vehicle.  An additional 150 yen purchase also unlocks a “USA Mix” track in-game, with heavy influence from the original Daytona series.

As you will hear in the promo video below, which showcases the Hornet in action, even Sega’s Takenobu Mitsuyoshi mixed a new tune for the occasion.

There’s no word on whether this special Ridge Racer DLC will make it to western markets.