Sonic Unleashed Marathon Play for Charity Underway

Sonic Unleashed Marathon Play for Charity Underway

by June 1, 2012

Have Two Bucks?  Help Child’s Play

If you’re stumped for something to do this evening, we’d like to draw your attention to Respawn Point’s Sonic Unleashed marathon run, happening right now.

You may remember Respawn Point as the folks behind the annual Sonic marathons during the Holidays, which have raised many thousands of dollars for Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play charity.  This time, the team has committed to somewhat smaller but perhaps more arduous undertaking, with Sonic Unleashed on deck.  Participants are encouraged to donate; for every two dollars donated, an extra medal will be added for the players to find in the process.  You may remember that 200 medals are required to complete Unleashed‘s core game, but a total of 400 can be found.

All money raised will go to Child’s Play.  As of this article’s publication, $39 has been collected.