ASR Transformed E3 Impressions From Around The Web

ASR Transformed E3 Impressions From Around The Web

by June 6, 2012

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Though none of the big sites have posted any impressions regarding Sonic and All-Stars Transformed, but plenty of other, smaller sites have offered up their thoughts over the course of E3. Impressions generally seem to be pretty positive all around, speaking of a game that seems to be an improvement over the original All-Stars Racing (see my video review here), though a number of them seem to be mentioning problems with control (click the names to read their full article):

“Right out of the gate, the controls felt tighter and more responsive than the previous title, making for a solid, competent racing experience. The speed of the game is reminiscent of current-generation over-the-shoulder view Sonic titles. The drift mechanics are decently powerful but at the same time feel natural within the flow of the race. Players blast ahead in their vehicles with only seconds to avoid pitfalls or dangerously objects blocking the track. The sensitive controls, while excellent for long stretches of track without hazards, may trip up players less experienced in racing sims.

Alexa Ray Corriea, for The Verge

“When I first sat down with the game, I decided to make a one-two combo of Joe Musashi and the Adder’s Lair track to try all the new stuff at once. Big mistake. Joe is very fast, but has very poor handling and often I found myself crashing into walls or being smacked down by other players. Poor Joe never had it so rough.”

Jason Berry, for The Sonic Stadium

Some touched on a feature that I don’t know I’ve seen emphasized too much, and that’s the fact that tracks seem to evolve as you race on them:

The interesting thing about it is after about the third lap, the track is completely different than when I started it. Where it was lava/land/air, by the time I’m done it’s more like an air/air/lava track.”

Sean, in a video for

“Well, I had some hands-on time with this game at E3 and I can say it feels like a different game. The obvious changes are what you’d expect, new tracks, new characters, and new weapons. However, where things really shine is in the new gameplay. As your progress through levels, the levels themselves change, but as they do, so does your vehicle. This means in certain areas you’ll find yourself driving a boat or flying a plane.”

CChinchilla, for FanBolt

We’ll provide you with more impressions as they come in.