Archie settlement allows Nancy Silberkleit’s return

Archie settlement allows Nancy Silberkleit’s return

by June 7, 2012

Back to work for the co-CEO

It was a story of lawsuits, restraining orders, and counter suits for both Nancy Silberkleit and John Goldwater, co-CEOs of Archie Comics. The nearly year-long battle of “he said, she said” has closed at least one of its chapters today according to the Assosciated Press (via, with co-CEO Nancy Silberkeit being restored to her position within Archie Comics. If you’ll remember, John Goldwater testified that Nancy was verbally abusing Archie Comics staff, misusing company funding, and alleged that if she was allowed to continue, could sink the company of Archie Comics with her lack of experience. Nancy, on the other hand, stated that she felt John was a chauvinist mounting a smear campaign to drive her out of the company just so that he could gain total control. The mess got even messier when Goldwater’s own nieces entered the fray, accusing both sides of conduct that could jeopardize the company.

At the very least, the restraining order that kept Nancy Silberkleit from entering Archie Comics offices has officially been settled, and she can return to work as manager of Archie’s scholastic and live-action theatrical endeavors. “Nancy Silberkleit and Jon Goldwater are no longer in an adversarial position, and they are beginning their working relationship anew,” said Howard Simmons, Nancy’s lawyer. “She’s thrilled to have settled this extremely upsetting matter.”

But the legal battles may not be over yet. Goldwater’s nieces, Lisa, Taylor and Summer are beneficiaries to John Goldwater’s 25% stake in Archie Comics – hence their involvement in this settlement. They feel that both the actions of both John Goldwater and Nancy Silberkleit could jeopardize their trust in that 25% beneficiary stake in the company. While Supreme Court Justice Shirley Werner Kornreich said the trio had no legal basis to insert themselves in to this specific case, they are free to pursue a separate lawsuit on the matter, to which their lawyer Charles Grimes stated they will be following up on to “protect the interests of the trust and its beneficiaries.”

It doesn’t look like we’re totally out of the woods yet – stay tuned.