Balough: Low S4E2 Review Scores “Perplexing”

Balough: Low S4E2 Review Scores “Perplexing”

by June 8, 2012

“Do I think that Episode II is a Better Game than Episode I?  Absolutely, on Every Level”

In a podcast released Thursday by to Youtube, Sonic 4 brand manager Ken Balough was quizzed as to why he thinks Sonic 4: Episode II has rated lower than its predecessor, Episode I.  Currently, Episode II on consoles ranks in the low 60s on Metacritic.

“It is a bit perplexing and, quite frankly, to see that, you know, it’s so polarizing, that’s definitely something that I’m seeing,” Balough said.  “People either really, really liked it, or they just really didn’t.”

Balough poked fun as some of the reviews marking S4E2 down on account of the music.  He also wondered if a more crowded marketplace of good digital titles or even comparisons to Sonic Generations could be blamed.

“Do I think that Episode II is a better game than Episode I?  Absolutely, on every level,” Balough proclaimed in the interview.  “I have yet to meet a player or a press person that is not supporting of that point.  Episode II is a far superior product.”

Balough was also quizzed about Episode I physics being retained in Episode II‘s Super Sonic.  Balough’s response:

To be perfectly honest, we actually didn’t see a whole lot wrong with the Episode I physics of Super Sonic.  Super Sonic always floats, he levitates, and he goes through a level in a certain way–he even did back in the classic days.  Now, granted, I’m sure that somebody going [sic[ to listen to the podcast and go like, No, but in the classics it did this little minute thing!, but the reality is just we didn’t see a whole lot of difference with it.  Now, we could be…wrong…it’s happened before, and if this is a big deal, of course, we obviously would love to hear feedback on it, but quite frankly, no one ever mentioned anything about Super Sonic in Ep.I that they didn’t like it, and…this is really the first time hearing that someone’s questioning the physics of Super Sonic.

Balough also says he wish he knew of the demand for a playable Tails in single player early on in S4E2’s development, in the hopes he could have done something more to make that a reality.  No patch will be made available to play as Sonic or Tails solo, Balough says.

“The cost associated with something like that would be astronomical,” he explains.  “I mean, we’re talking about millions of dollars here.”

In explaining current S4E2 sales trends, Balough also took a shot at this site, proclaiming without mentioning TSSZ specifically that “if they knew what they were talking about all the time, they’d do real news.”

You can listen to the podcast in full at the above cited link.