ASRT New Video: Eggman in Temple Trouble

ASRT New Video: Eggman in Temple Trouble

by June 11, 2012

Game Drifting, Power-Ups Demonstrated

From Youtube user MegamanSonicX, we have a five minute play through of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed‘s Temple Trouble track to share with you.

The complete five minute playthrough is below.  Eggman is the player’s racer.  You’ll see some drifting featured, as well as some power-ups executed and, in some cases, evaded. There are two items of note: The first is the loading time, which looks comparable to the original.  The second is in MegamanSonicX‘s remarks regarding control, and it shows:

Ok, Sega, what teh [sic] heck were you thinking when you mapped the controls?

There’s still plenty of time for Sumo to iron those issues out.  In the meantime, check out Temple Trouble below.  We’ll likely be playing catchup with this and other E3 videos during the week, so stay with TSSZ for more peeks at ASR Transformed.