Inside PSO2’s Paid Features

Inside PSO2’s Paid Features

by June 11, 2012

How Sega Plans to Make Money Off Its Next F2P MMO

The gaming news website Siliconera details Phantasy Star Online 2‘s paid features, per a blog from PSO2 producer Satoshi Sakai  published in Japanese Friday.

While PSO2 will remain free to download and free to play, the game will use Arks Cash as virtual currency.  One Japanese yen equals one unit of Arks Cash.  That cash can be used to buy Premium Perks, either in one, two, or three month increments:

The Premium Set includes features such as My Room and My Shop. My Shop allows you to open up a shop where you can sell weapons and the like for Meseta (not real money or Arks Cash). You also get a Premium Storage Box, and other added features. However, something to note is that, there’s also a chance for non-paying players to get access to the My Room and My Shop features. This is done with the use of scratch cards. A scratch card could give you a free ticket to open up a My Room or My Shop for three days.

Siliconera also notes scratch cards can be purchased, but great care has been made to ensure this doesn’t cross the line into kompu gacha, which has recently come under intense scrutiny and an eventual ban by the Japanese government recently.  Paying customers using Arks Cash shouldn’t get a direct advantage like stronger weapons, the article notes.