Lists Sonic Adventure 2 for October Release Lists Sonic Adventure 2 for October Release

by June 19, 2012

Leaderboards, DLC, HD Supported; Screenshots Inside

This is just coming in via our News Tipster Akirahedgehog.  A product page on for Sonic Adventure 2 has appeared. We’re not sure the circumstances behind this page’s appearance–it could be another oops on Microsoft’s part–but it would appear a formal announcement by Sega is imminent.

The page contains screenshots in widescreen 16×9, which we have relayed below in our gallery, and the game description promises the game will be “remastered in HD.”  The listing also says content downloads and leaderboards will be supported.  It would appear from one of the screenshots that appears to show off Chao Karate that the Battle variant may be included in some form, though any content download could certainly be that.

If, however, you are expecting to play the game any time soon, you won’t.  An October 3rd date is listed for SA2’s re-release.  Unknown at this point are the other platforms SA2 may pop up on. An appearance on PSN appears likely, as would a release on Steam.  We’ll wait on Sega’s proper announcement to be sure.

For the record, we told you this was in the cards back in September, when one of our trusted sources told TSSZ to expect Sonic Adventure 2 among higher quality Dreamcast re-releases coming down the pipeline.

We’ll have more information on this digital re-release when it becomes available.  Thanks to Akirahedgehog for tipping us.