Independent Analysis Indicates S4E2 Not As Successful as E1

Independent Analysis Indicates S4E2 Not As Successful as E1

by June 21, 2012

Why Leaderboard Data Can’t Tell the Whole Story

Sega and its representatives like to tout that Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II debuted as the number two XBOX Live title at its launch.  (It actually was the 4th best seller there in its debut week, which is still quite good.)  But that’s just for launch.  An analysis of XBOX Live’s sales data from Gamasutra’s Ryan Langley in the month of May, however, shows that the sequel may not have matched up to Episode I‘s standards out of the gates.

For now, however, it’s just a guesstimate.  Where Sonic 4 is concerned, estimates are based on the game’s leaderboard data, and the article notes Sega handles that data a bit different in Episode II:

The game also has a weird Leaderboard setup where they’re only uploaded if you go into the Leaderboard menu directly, so we can’t check the game’s sales. It appears that it hasn’t sold as well as the original game.

However, looking at the Minecraft estimates of nearly half a million players added for the week, it stands to reason that, given how Minecraft took the top spot that week on XBOX Live, Episode II wasn’t far off that mark, selling at least a couple hundred thousand digital copies on XBOX 360 during launch.