Last SOS Tickets Taken in 43 Seconds

Last SOS Tickets Taken in 43 Seconds

by June 22, 2012

“This has been seriously moving, the sheer overwhelming demand”

The last wave of 140 tickets to the 2012 Summer of Sonic expo were made available to the public at 1PM ET today.  By 1:01 PM, they were again all gone.

“We ran out of our last batch of tickets in an amazing 43 seconds! Exceptionally fast,” wrote SOS organizer Svend Joscelyne after the tickets sold out.

He noted that between the three waves, all 755 tickets were gone in just four minutes and five seconds.

“We’ve never done anything like this before, and nobody expected this convention to sell out so quickly!” Joscelyne said.

This means that if you weren’t lucky during any of the three ticket releases, you are now officially out of luck.  But never fear; TSSZ’s Jonathan Charles will be reporting from the big event, so you can still get all the major developments from this year’s Summer of Sonic convention.  As an alternative, tickets for Sonic Boom in the United States remain available.