ASR for iOS Updated with Ulala, 3 New Tracks

ASR for iOS Updated with Ulala, 3 New Tracks

by June 23, 2012

A Surprise on Sonic’s Birthday for Mobile Racers

Players of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing on Apple’s mobile devices may see a nice surprise when they are prompted to update the app today.  We’ve been tipped that the game has been updated to version 1.5, and with it comes a few new features.

For one, Space Channel 5’s Ulala has been added to the mobile edition.  She and the rest of the players will have three new tracks to race on as well.  They include two Sonic Heroes themed tracks, Bingo Party and Ocean Ruin.  The third track, Monkey Target, is from Super Monkey Ball.  For older devices, updates have been made that should fix crashes as well.  Finally, another grand prix cup has been added to keep replay value fresh in the game.

As before, Ulala and the new tracks will cost Sega Miles to unlock.  Ulala herself costs 750,000 Sega Miles to unlock, while the three tracks will set you back 900,000 Sega Miles a piece.  If you don’t want to work for them, you can buy Sega Miles in-game using anywhere from 99 cents for 500,000 miles to $2.99 for 50 million miles.

Thanks to AugieD who tipped us on Twitter.