Reports: Sega France PR Manager Out, Division Could Close

Reports: Sega France PR Manager Out, Division Could Close

by June 25, 2012

More Warnings Further Restructuring Could Spread

We told you that while we had our doubts about the whole of Sega Europe closing, that initial report helped an April report from Sonic Paradise look a lot more believable.  Now, there is word at least one domino will be falling in the region.

Over the weekend, two reports surfaced that claimed Sega’s division in France could be closing up shop by the Summer.  One, from Canada’s GameFocus, says the division will close outright by the end of the Summer, with notice given to employees in an E-Mail.  The second, via a tip from French Canadian website JeuxOnline to GoNintendo, indicates one of Sega France’s top PR personnel, Franck Sébastien, is leaving the company due to ongoing restructuring.  Of note in the latter is word that Sebastien let his employees know what was going on in an E-Mail, and alluded to more restructuring changes for both European and American divisions within that E-Mail.  As of this article’s publication, Sébastien’s LinkedIn profile still lists him with the company.

Chatter like that is very hard to ignore.  Then, there is this: When we sought help to learn more via Twitter over the weekend, we received this info in from Bruno Guerrero, one of our followers in France:

For some unknown reason, Sega French blog launched several surprise flash giveaways, offering free old stuff incredibly easily.  Also, for the first time in a while, Sega seems to have no booth in Japan Expo french convention. Those aren’t proofs, I know.

That Sega may not have a presence at one of France’s largest pop culture shows is a bit of a shock, given how much effort the company has placed there in previous years.  With all of these details, it’s just as we told you even when the Sega Europe closure rumor was downplayed–something is up.  We will continue to monitor developments.  Thanks to AugieD who also tipped us on Twitter.