Samba’s Sunshine Tour Returning to ASR Transformed

Samba’s Sunshine Tour Returning to ASR Transformed

by June 25, 2012

Why?  “Because It’s Awesome,” Says Producer

Among the twenty tracks being included in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, we know about Jet Set Radio’s return appearance.  Now, you can add a revamped track from Samba de Amigo to the list of revivals.

In an interview held over from E3 with UK website Push Start, producer Joe Neate says it will be one of the four tracks from the original ASR getting an update.  The rationale, in Neate’s words, is pretty simple:

So the Samba track with the massive heads that’s coming back, because it’s awesome. So we’ve got twenty tracks in total.

Neate also told the website to expect “full online” capability with “pretty much every feature you can think of” for it, as well as extra game modes, including a dogfight mode to take advantage of the character’s planes.  You can read more at this link.