Sonic 4: Episode II Quietly Released to Android

Sonic 4: Episode II Quietly Released to Android

by June 27, 2012

$6.99 App Now Available Beyond Tegra Devices

Overnight, we received a couple of news tips indicating that Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II had been released to Google Play–and by extension, all Android enabled devices with version 2.3 and up.  It now appears the exclusivity window for NVidia Tegra 3 enabled devices is over.

The 358 megabyte app is available for $6.99.  These matters are usually promoted by Sega, but the release quietly came and went without any sort of advisory by Sega.  A response to a fan question on Sega’s Twitter feed indicates community managers will make a note of the release today on the Sega blog.

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