Sega West to Focus on Four Brands Going Forward

Sega West to Focus on Four Brands Going Forward

by June 28, 2012

Sonic, Total War, Football Manager, Aliens Now Company’s AAA Hopes

This is likely why Sega suddenly has no need to have a hand in boxed distribution in mainland Europe.  In additional comments made to, Sega Europe COO Jurgen Post says that while the company is looking into new IP opportunities, the focus on the West after this restructuring will be on just four properties.  Those properties include Football Manager, Total War, Sonic, and Aliens.

“Basically for us it’s putting a lot of focus into those studios and into their IPs. So Total War coming out of Creative Assembly, Football Manager coming out of Sports Interactive, so we want to diversify, so we want to have an increased focus on those brands,” Post told the website.  “And we want to become better and more successful with those.”

That’s not to say they will be the only games from the company going forward.  Digital will be a venue for experimentation, with a total of 50-75 SKUs released  across platforms like XBOX Live, PSN, PC, mobile phones, and the like.  To be clear, each release of a game on each system counts as an SKU–so, for example, the release of ASR Transformed to 6 platforms would count as 6 SKUs.

Post clarified several bits of the news as well.  For one, while the four franchises are expected to prop up Sega’s boxed offerings in the near-term, there could be long-term expansion.

“At the moment we are looking into options of course, but it’s not like we are already developing some other titles in addition to that, no,” Post said.

Post also clarified that regional offices in the affected regions will not shut down immediately in July.  There will be a transition between them and the newly appointed regional distributors, with the offices closing more toward the end of the year.

“So it’s not like we’re moving out straight away, we still want to continue relationships with retail, manage the stock and trade, and have smooth transition to third party distribution,” Post explained.  He added that PR and marketing in each region will now be handled by those distributors, with some help from Sega Europe.

By the way, all this downsizing still costs Sega money.  In the cited article, GamesIndustry International claims Sega will spent $83 million on the overall restructuring effort.