SOS Signing Session Regulations Tightened

SOS Signing Session Regulations Tightened

by June 29, 2012

If You’re Going, Be Aware of These Changes

Though Takashi Iizuka, Jun Senoue, Johnny Gioeli, and Steve Lycett will be available for autographs at the 2012 Summer of Sonic convention next week, organizers are changing up how you net those signatures after bits of disarray plagued previous sessions.

The largest change is that a strict one autograph per session limit will be imposed.  Queuing up for autographs will now be regulated, with lines opening 10 minutes before a session is to start in areas clearly labeled, with lines closed off once capacity is reached.  Queue jumping will be strictly forbidden.

“In previous years we’ve been very relaxed when it has come to the signing tables; many of you will remember queues snaking around the hall clogging up other areas, or frustration at being turned away after waiting for hours,” wrote Vger in making the announcement.  “This time around we’ve decided to lay down a few ground rules that should allow more of you a chance to meet the stars, as well as to help you make the most of the day.”

You can read the full list of regulations at this link.  If you’re not going, don’t worry, because TSSZ’s Jonathan Charles is, and he’ll be reporting on the day’s major events starting next weekend.