TSSZ Fan Fridays: LiQuidShade

TSSZ Fan Fridays: LiQuidShade

by June 29, 2012

Webmaster of Zone: 0

Running a website is not easy. From hosting and page layout to updating and content, it takes a certain amount of dedication to maintain a site that both hooks readers and keeps them coming back. With that in mind, we now spotlight LiQuidShade, a Sonic fan who has provided the community with a slightly different kind of contribution. For the past eight years, he has worked to create an in-depth compendium of knowledge about the Genesis-era Sonic platformers, and this work has culminated in the form of Zone: 0. The site describes itself as follows:

Zone: 0 is a Sonic the Hedgehog game information site aiming to provide reference and strategy guides of more depth and clarity than ever before. With screenshots, maps and incredibly thorough descriptions for every level, Zone: 0 is an unofficial Sonic site like absolutely no other.

Zone: 0 truly does go above and beyond the level of many other Sonic knowledge sites. The site is infused with in-depth walkthroughs and maps appearing alongside a wealth of zone-specific statistics and descriptions. With all this information presented in a precise and very organized fashion, LiQuidShade‘s creation is nothing short of impressive.

You can check Zone: 0 out for yourself here, and LiQuidShade also has a Twitter account you can browse. We thank Joshua Taipale for bringing his work to our attention. We’re always looking for fan works to spotlight, so if you have something you want to share, send us a link at fansonfriday@tssznews.com!