PSO2 Goes Official in Japan

PSO2 Goes Official in Japan

by July 3, 2012

Prepare for Fireworks Online

All has been going well for Phantasy Star Online 2 in Japan, so much so that Sega will pull it out of open beta and make service official.  As it is already Wednesday in Japan, that switch should occur sometime during their day.

The free to download and free to play RPG sequel will also get a packaged release, according to Andriasang.  The ¥6,279 Premium Package comes with an install disc, download codes for five weapons, and what’s being called a MAG Evolution Device, which seems to be a special way to track your MAG’s development in-game.

The article cited also states total registration for the PSO2 open beta exceeded 500,000, allegedly the largest open beta test in Japan’s history.  Despite those kinds of results, no plans to bring the game proper to domestic shores has been announced yet.