The News, Reviewed: July 2-8

The News, Reviewed: July 2-8

by July 8, 2012

NiGHTS, Danica Patrick, PSO2, and More

We’ve seen HD remakes, celebrity cameos, and more on our radar this. If you missed something you were curious about, here’s everything we’re covered this week:


Poll: 62% Say Danica Patrick Won’t Help ASR Transformed Sales – Celebrity inclusion may not boost sales, some readers say.

Danica Patrick Reveals Her ASRT All-Star Move – Lots of talking about grunting. Hmm.

Sonic Generations Coming to PSN Digital Download – Still no word on Xbox Live availability.

“Sega Networks” Subsidiary Christened in Japan – Sega’s putting mobile platforms in their sights.


Inside the Pages: Sonic #238 – The Loyalty arc continues.

Udon Confirms September Release for Sonic History Book – If you want it, you can get it.

PSO2 Goes Official in Japan – Still no word on Sega bringing it stateside.

Retro Review: Sonic Chaos – We take a look at one of Sonic’s 8-bit adventures.


Chaotix Arc Planned for Sonic Universe – Mighty and Ray return.

Sonic 4 Soundtracks Now Available on iTunes – Physical disc release coming in August.

Summer of Sonic Offering Shuttle Service – Here’s to convenience.

Future PSO2 DLC Details Outlined – New content and smartphone support are on the way.


NiGHTS HD Remake Announced – The classic Saturn game makes its return in style.

Sega Releases Five NiGHTS HD Screenshots – They sure do look pretty.

Archie Sonic, Mega Man Panel Coming to SDCC – You can get some face time with Archie’s higher-ups.

Online Sonic Merchandise Store Opens for North America – Buy all the things!

Hunnid-P Claims Involvement with “New Project for Sonic” – Something new may be brewing.


Five Additional NiGHTS HD Screenshots – They still look pretty.

“Sega Arcade” Returns to San Diego Comic Con – Oh yes, there will be games.

Power Failure Forces Summer of Sonic Venue Change – The event goes on.

TSSZ Fan Fridays: Freen in Green – A Canadian rock band with remixes to spare.


NiGHTS, Reala Confirmed for ASR Transformed – The fan service continues.

Summer of Sonic happened, and our own Jonathan Charles was in attendance. The rest of us envy him.


So far, it’s been a quiet day, but I think we all need one of those every now and again.