UPDATE: New EU ASR Transformed Trailer Released

UPDATE: New EU ASR Transformed Trailer Released

by July 12, 2012

Confirms November Release Date

There is plenty of pre-rendered CG and absolutely no gameplay footage in the latest trailer for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, released this morning.  We have a clean version of the trailer below.

Still, there is one item of note: The final few seconds of the trailer confirm a November 16th release date for the game in Europe.  That date apparently does not include the Wii U edition for now, but it likely means most game versions will be out around the same time in North America.  November 20th seems to be a good bet, given its close proximity to the Black Friday shopping holiday.  UPDATE: Indeed, the domestic trailer confirms, which is similar to what you see below, confirms a November 20th release in North America.  Europe will get their hands on the game first.

For the moment, enjoy the new trailer below.  We expect to see some other new media, including screenshots, shortly.  Thanks to Numazaki90 for tipping us.