Geoffrey St. John Removed from Sonic Select Book 7 Cover

Geoffrey St. John Removed from Sonic Select Book 7 Cover

by July 18, 2012

Cold Feet from the Penders Case Already?

Here is something noteworthy that, amid all the mess in Archie Comics’s civil case against Ken Penders, you may not have otherwise noticed.  Even though the release of Sonic Select’s seventh edition is many months away, there has been a significant change on its cover from when it was first seen last month.

The image on the bottom is a revised cover released this week, and Espio, an established Sega character, replaces Geoffrey St. John on the bottom left corner.

St. John–and the development behind the character–was one of many singled out by Ken Penders when he filed for copyright protection of his work.  Penders and Archie are now butting heads in court in a civil suit Archie filed regarding those copyrights.  It’s noteworthy that this switch was noticed right after a federal judge denied summary judgment to both sides in the case on Monday–significantly increasing the chance the case will go to a jury trial.

This could mean nothing, but it’s hard not to wonder if Archie is thinking about what the outcome of this case could mean for the Sonic comics with this move.  We will of course stay on top of developments in the Archie v. Penders case for you.