Jet Set Radio also heading to iPhone and Android

Jet Set Radio also heading to iPhone and Android

by July 20, 2012

Want portable JSR, but don’t have a Vita?

A portable version of the upcoming Jet Set Radio HD seems like a great idea – and luckily for us, Sega announced a Playstation Vita version expressly for that purpose. If you don’t happen to own a Playstation Vita, however, you may still be in luck, as is reporting that Sega has officially announced the stylish Dreamcast graffiti-tagging classic will also be hitting iPhone and Android smartphones “this summer”. Whether that means day-and-date with the domestic versions remains to be seen, as Jet Set Radio HD is well past the PSN date of June 26th and we’re already knee-deep in summer.

Given that Microsoft’s “Summer of Arcade” has just begun on Xbox Live, the release of Jet Set Radio HD would have to wait until after the festivities are over – putting the earliest possible release at August 22nd, and for a supposedly “summer” release, that’s getting awfully close to fall.

So far no screenshots or media of this smartphone release of Jet Set Radio are out there, but if any turn up, we’ll be sure to pass them along. Thanks for the News Tip, “iwh”.