Malware Infection Hits Sonic Retro

Malware Infection Hits Sonic Retro

by July 22, 2012

Find Out if You’re Affected

Many of you may remember the follies we had a long while back with a WordPress malware infection.  It unfortunately appears these types of hijacks are becoming more commonplace, with anyone that has the know-how able to deploy such attacks.  This evening, we learned Sonic Retro main page is now among the victims.

“Due to a malware situation I have yet to track down fully, I am taking down the SR home page,” wrote a member of Retro (and not a staff member, we should note,) seanieb.  “If you run Firefox I would advise you to run a malware scan at this time.”

A separate post on the unaffected Sonic Retro forums by seanieb notes Internet Explorer users could also be affected, as could those with outdated Java software.  He writes the malicious code “could have been there as far back as June 23rd.”

A list of hundreds of potentially infected IPs from the attack has been posted.  You are urged to check and see if your IP address is on that list.  Even if it isn’t, if you’ve visited the site’s front page any time in the past month, a malware scan wouldn’t be a bad idea right now.

There is no indication at this time that the infection was the result of any malicious community activity.