Lycett: No Miku for ASR Transformed

Lycett: No Miku for ASR Transformed

by July 23, 2012

Japanese Release Being Considered

Despite Ralph Reilly and Danica Patrick’s addition to Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, there remains one individual off the beaten path that remains to be revealed.  Over the weekend, Sumo Digital producer Steve Lycett told fans on the Sonic Stadium forums that individual wouldnotbe Hatsune Miku, an increasingly popular virtual synthesized signer to which Sega has the rights to produce branded rhythm games in Japan.

” I think it’s safe to say Hatsune Miku won’t be appearing in Transformed,” Lycett said.  “Whilst she does appear in SEGA games, she’s not owned by SEGA, so she’s not the character I was referring to as the last non-SEGA one. Sorry!”

That said, Lycett did say attempts were underway to release ASR Transformed in Japan.  The original ASR never saw a Japanese store shelf.

“We are in discussion with SEGA over a Japanese release this time, but nothing confirmed as yet!” Lycett explained.

With less than four months to go until the game launches, be sure to stay with TSSZ for new developments.