“Sonic: The Games” Comic Compilations Coming to Digital

“Sonic: The Games” Comic Compilations Coming to Digital

by July 27, 2012

One Down, Two More Still to Come

Archie is again capitalizing on the vast back library of Sonic titles with a set of digital-only re-releases titled Sonic: The Games.

The first edition, Classic, is out now for $3.99 via Archie’s app for Android and iTunes.  The purpose of the releases is to chronicle the comic adaptations of games, much like how Sonic Generations chronicled 20 years of Sonic history.  The remaining two issues will be out in August.  The Millenial variant will cover both Sonic Adventure titles among other fare from the Dreamcast era, while Modern will chronicle more recent titles, such as Sonic Colors.

Courtesy of Destructoid, We have covers for all three issues below.