Lycett: No Playable Vectorman in ASR Transformed

Lycett: No Playable Vectorman in ASR Transformed

by July 30, 2012

Door Still Open for Cameo, “Not Saying Why”

Today, Sumo Digital EP Steve Lycett told members of the Sega forums that Vectorman would not be playable in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.  The clarification comes amid a flurry of excitement for the original Genesis orbot that, admittedly, stemmed from a story we published in May concerning likely roster choices as told by one of our inside sources.

But the language Lycett used would appear to open the door that Vectorman may appear in-game for another role.

“You won’t be playing as Vectorman in this game,” Lycett said.  “Not saying why :P”

In the past, that kind of language has indicated there could be another place or role for characters Lycett can’t speak much about.  On the more cynical end, there could be legal reasons behind the move, in which case not only could Lycett not speak about the circumstances, it takes away any hope of Vectorman being represented in the game at all.

Speaking of cynics, to be fair, our source has correctly explained about three other facets of ASR Transformed weekly before properly confirmed.  An increased NiGHTS presence in game, the more balanced level variety, and the inclusion of Joe Musashi from Shinobi–which we doubted–were all spot on.  The jury remains out on other matters, including Ristar, though because our source claimed both Ristar and Vectorman to be playable, the chances of the former seem diminished.  Still, we remain confident in much of the source’s remaining intel, and it will not be retracted.  We will see where this latest development leads.