ESRB Listing Affirms SA2 for PC

ESRB Listing Affirms SA2 for PC

by August 1, 2012

Game’s Rating Bumped Up

This is almost a given, what with Sega’s recent intent to re-release classic fare to as many platforms as possible.  But to be sure, a listing for the upcoming re-release of Sonic Adventure 2 includes a release for the PC.

The platform joins XBOX 360 and PS3, both already confirmed to get the SA2 re-release.  Steam looks to be the best bet for a specific release platform.

Also of note: The ESRB has re-related SA2 to E10+, for everyone 10 and older.  The original SA2 in 2001 received an E rating.  The E10+ rating was not part of the ESRB’s repertoire until 2004.  That rating was given for “Mild Cartoon Violence” and “Mild Lyrics,” according to the description.  The latter appears to stem from the dreaded “D” word:

The theme song for one playable character contains the word “damn.”

Thanks to AugieD who tipped us on Twitter.