Sega Confirms “Bonus Edition” for ASR Transformed

Sega Confirms “Bonus Edition” for ASR Transformed

by August 1, 2012

Outrun Track, Metal Sonic Included in Package

Today, Sega made official a special edition of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed that was spotted a while back on online retailer Amazon.

The bonus in the Bonus Edition is essentially the extra content received from pre-ordering.  According to the Sega blog, that includes Metal Sonic as a playable character, and a special track, OutRun Bay, meant to recreate the magic of one of Sega’s most memorable racers.

In addition, the package includes an Emoticon Sticker Pack which, in the blog’s words, “are found throughout the game and are given as rewards for skilful play, high scores and more.”

This package is exclusive to North America and for the moment appears to be exclusive to XBOX 360, PS3, and Playstation Vita, though we suspect something nice will be in the works for Wii U.  The blog notes a separate LE will be available in Europe, with details to follow in due course.  No screenshots or media aside from slightly modified box art was made available of this Bonus Edition in the announcement.

If you think you’ll be able to buy this as DLC later, don’t be so sure.  Remember thatSonic Generations’s Casino Night add-on stayed as a pre-order bonus in the West, and was not made available afterward.

We’ll continue to keep our eye out for more ASR Transformed developments.  Thanks to all who tipped us, including dmask, Sonication, SonicUpdater, and Indy Cooper on Twitter.