Official Details on SAGE 2012 Released

Official Details on SAGE 2012 Released

by August 2, 2012

More than 20 Games Expected

We are just a few days away from the 2012 Sonic Amateur Games Expo.

Late Wednesday evening, organizers headed by Matt Tobin and Peter O’Hanlon released a statement via Sonic Fan Games HQ on what to expect:

SAGE 2012 will be held between August 6th though the 12th and into the following Monday.

Events and Panels will be put on the schedule from now until SAGE starts. (Email us at [officialsagexpo -at- gmail -dot- com] if you have an idea for an event or panel and want to get into the SAGExpo!)

We will be with the exception of 2 events be starting the festivities each day around 1pm PST, 4pm EST, 9pm GMT respectively and they will last until it is over for the day

When the SAGE 2012 site ( launches you will find it to be a one stop shop for the fan games, information on scheduling, and complete integrated interaction between IRC, Livestream, and the SAGEcast. (We will provide each of these interactive features on a separate basis as well.)

Our hope is to set a new standard with the on site booths and interaction center so you do not have to be sent all over hell to find us and the fan games you WANT to play!

We have enjoyed working with each and every one of you during this process to expand just what we and you can do to put together the definitive fan game virtual exposition on the internet today!

The SAGE team has a mighty roster of Sonic fan games submitted to make this roster great.  We have relayed what to expect below.  You’ll note that some big names like Sonic Fusion and Sonic Zero Remastered are coming back, and games with big expectations like Sonic Before the Sequel ’12 and Sonic After the Sequel will also be on display:

  • Freerunner
  • Sonic The Hedgehog PC
  • Tails’ High-Flying Adventure
  • Emerald Ties
  • Sonic Skywind
  • Sonic Skywind: Episode II
  • Sonic Light and Darkness
  • Sonic Small World
  • Sonic After the Sequel
  • Sonic Medley
  • Freedom Planet
  • SonicGDK
  • Sonic Panic
  • Sonic Worlds Level Collab
  • Sonic Run 3
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Epsilon
  • Green Hill Zone 2.5D Beta
  • Project AXSX (Sonic Xtreme)
  • Sonic Before the Sequel ’12
  • The Emeralds’ Awakening
  • Project Shadow
  • Sonic Fusion
  • Sonic The Hedgehog – Game Land
  • Sonic Zero Remastered

The TSSZ team will be here to run down everything you need to know from this year’s online expo.  Our coverage begins right out of the gate on Monday with booth overviews, reviews, coverage of guest sessions and our traditional, unofficial poll where you choose the best of the show.