SAGE 2012: Sonic Medley

SAGE 2012: Sonic Medley

by August 9, 2012

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Sonic Medley is one of the many classic-style platformers on display at SAGE this year. Created in the Sonic Worlds Delta engine, the game utilizes new environments, familiar sprites, and an interesting plot. The game’s creator has this, in part, to say about its story:

Eggman constructed an enormous tower as his fortress in an island. He also got the seven chaos emeralds, and with their power, he built a machine which can distort space and is also able to send beings to other dimensions. Of course, this came to the knowledge of our hero, Sonic. He climbed Eggman’s tower, but didn’t know that there was a trap waiting for him. With the emerald-powered machine, Eggman sends Sonic to another dimension, but because of an error, he also opens a portal between the two dimensions, which makes the tower coexist in both of them. He decides to go after Sonic, so he doesn’t make it back to the tower and logically to his “home dimension”, and at the same time find out how to close the portal.

You can check out Sonic Medley‘s booth and download its demo here. As always, you can catch up on the latest SAGE happenings at the expo’s main page.