Sega Japan Warns of SEGA ID Security Breach

Sega Japan Warns of SEGA ID Security Breach

by August 15, 2012

Pay Attention, PSO2 Players

Special Correspondent Shayne Edwards of SonicRadio.Net alerted TSSZ to a security alert issued by Sega of Japan today for users of the SEGA ID system.

The E-Mail, in Japanese, confirms attempts by “a malicious third party” to login to numerous SEGA ID accounts.  It is not clear how the compromise happened, or what, if any personal data was collected from it.  Still, all SEGA ID users are now being urged to change their passwords on the service and, if duplicate passwords are used, across other systems.  Sega of Japan will continue its investigation in the meantime.

Those especially in the West playing Phantasy Star Online 2 need to be concerned.  Shayne tells us the SEGA ID service is required to register for the game.  Just last week, we reported on a change in Sega’s terms of service for PSO2 that, in theory, prohibited westerners from enjoying the MMORPG.  While not enforced so far, if a connection is found between the hack and the game, this could convince Sega to shut the West out until PSO2 is released globally next year.

If you are affected and need to change your password, you can do so at this link.  TSSZ will bring you any further developments on this story as we get them.