Jack Lumber and the “Sega Alliance” Launched

Jack Lumber and the “Sega Alliance” Launched

by August 16, 2012

Also included: video!

With hard times falling upon Sega these days, they strategized to double down on digital releases; it makes sense, given that digital releases have considerably less overhead than physical releases. That strategy is more apparent today with the announcement and release of “Jack Lumber” for iPad and iPhone. According to a Sega.com blog post, Jack Lumber is the first game to be a part of the “Sega Alliance”, an initiative where Sega provides independent developers with “comprehensive marketing and production support as well as creative consultation”. In other words: partner with Sega, and they will help make your game better.

Included with the announcement is a launch trailer:

The game seems pretty obviously inspired by Halfbrick Studios’ “Fruit Ninja“, though Jack Lumber seems to do enough to differentiate itself from that game quite a bit. More information about Jack Lumber can be found here, and at Sega’s blog here.