Gamescom: Sega’s Public Booth “An Empty Void”

Gamescom: Sega’s Public Booth “An Empty Void”

by August 21, 2012

Looks Like They Were No-Shows After All

We told you about Sega’s surprising reserved space at Gamescom this year, and from it, there appeared a glimmer of hope that Sega would reverse course on a previous promise to skip the event and show their latest games publicly.

With Gamescom now behind us, it appears that never happened.  An eyewitness report published on Sega Addicts explains that Sega left their space barren:

[….] To my disappointment, the area where the booth was said to have been was completely barren, an empty void surrounded by the attractions of competing companies. The only other presence Sega had was a 45 minute video compiled of various trailers shown on a general Gamescom screen. That and the appearance of some dear old Sega friends in the retro gaming section.

Sega may have elected instead to show products behind closed doors, as was previously reported, but if they indeed reserved the public space in the first place, leaving it blank could be the company’s most glaring example of wasteful spending to date.  That aside, having a few game journalists try out Sega games may be beneficial in preserving the PR message, but having the public do the same while providing feedback can be invaluable–an opportunity that, for better or worse, Sega chose to miss out on for Gamescom.

The good news is that the company will show many games to the public in a couple of weeks at PAX in Seattle.