Sonic Generations Nominated in 30th Golden Joystick Awards

Sonic Generations Nominated in 30th Golden Joystick Awards

by August 23, 2012

Other Sega Titles Recognized

Sonic Generations is the only Sonic title of the last year to be recognized in the UK’s 30th annual Golden Joystick Awards.

While the nominations released today are considered a shortlist to some, the category in which Generations will compete is far from that.  The game will go up against eighteen other titles in the Best Gaming Moment category.

Specifically, Generations is being recognized in the awards for its City Escape stage:

Generations is the best Blue Blur platformer since Sonic & Knuckles. This stage – being chased by a demonic big rig through the streets of San Fran as either old or new Sonic – was classic ‘hog.

The good news is that you decide which games can win the big prize.  If you want to show your support for Sonic’s 20th anniversary title, head to this link to cast your vote.

Other Sega titles are in the running as well.  They include Binary Domain for best shooter, Football Manager in the sports category, Renegade Ops in the downloadable category, Total War: Shogun 2 in best strategy, and both Aliens: Colonial Marines and Total War: Rome II in the One to Watch category.