Sonic Generations Sales Resurge in UK

Sonic Generations Sales Resurge in UK

by August 28, 2012

The Olympic Effect Stretches Beyond?

In recent weeks, we’ve told you how the 2012 Summer Olympics in Britain have propelled sales of their virtual video game counterparts produced by Sega.  But looking at the latest official data from GFK Chart Track, it appears another title you may not have thought of has also seen a positive jump: Sonic Generations.

For last week, the combined sales of all Generations units was enough for the game to place 22nd in the top 40 overall.  The series had placed 20th the previous week, its best showing in the UK since the Holiday rush wore off in the middle of January, and not terribly far from its sales pace during the Holidays.

In fact, Generations re-entered the top 40 in the last full week of July–just as the Olympics began–and began a slow climb up the charts during the festivities.

Maybe it’s enough to show Sega was smart to grab the Olympic video game rights to support all company IP…and maybe it’s also enough to show Sega should take a second look at further supporting Generations.