PAX Prime: 20 Hell Yeah! Screenshots

PAX Prime: 20 Hell Yeah! Screenshots

by August 31, 2012

Be Very Quiet; We’re Hunting Rabbits

Sega’s showing at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo is by far its most impressive push of the year.  In addition to games like Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, NiGHTS Into Dreams, and Sonic Adventure 2, plenty of other Sega titles are on display.

One of those titles, Hell Yeah!, will be out in under a month for most systems.  We’ve covered the game from time to time here; if you don’t remember, the Arkedo Studio developed platformers has Ash exploring the bowels of Hell and beyond for his arch nemesis, Fat Rabbit.  The game will only be available digitally.

Some relatively new shots of the game have been released to coincide with PAX via Sega’s press portal.  We’ve relayed them below in our gallery.