Achivements for Sonic Adventure 2 HD Discovered

Achivements for Sonic Adventure 2 HD Discovered

by September 12, 2012

See What You’ll be Playing for

We have our first look today at the achievements for the upcoming HD re-release of Sonic Adventure 2 via a news tip and  You can have a peek at the list below.

While we’re just as sad as you may be at the lack of a Throw the Crap out of Omochao achievements, the list is fair all-encompassing, and does include a 100 point achievement for all A-ranks throughout the game.  Grabbing all emblems will net you 40 points.

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Hello World (20)
Hello, rookie, welcome to the Sonic World!

Chao! (20)
Welcome to the Chao World!

Chao Raiser (20)
Time to raise your Chao.

HERO! (20)
You have cleared our HERO story.

DARK! (20)
You have cleared our DARK story.

Boss Attack (20)
Your skill is top notch!

Mission Complete (20)
Now you are the master of this stage.

Heaven or Hell (40)
You have successfully unlocked the HERO and DARK gardens.

Beyond Good And Evil (40)
My hero, you have successfully saved the world!

Speedy Racer (40)
Excellent driving skills!

Emblem Collector (40)
Half way to go!

You Are The Legend (100)
You are the Sonic expert now!