Sega Acting as “Advisor” To Bayonetta 2, Not Co-Publishing

Sega Acting as “Advisor” To Bayonetta 2, Not Co-Publishing

by September 13, 2012

Diminished Hope If You Were Looking for Multiplatform Release

We’d like to clarify something reported earlier, though you can’t really blame us for seeing a Sega logo on the trailer Nintendo revealed this morning for Bayonetta 2.  It appears Nintendo is indeed the sole publisher of the project; that means it will almost certainly remain a Wii U exclusive.  With that, any hope one had of seeing the sequel on an XBOX 360 or Playstation 3 is gone.

To be sure, Sega did address the confusion in a Tweet today:

Further, Sega did not have any more details available on Bayonetta 2 when prompted, and it doesn’t look like the company is directly involved in any way. It appears that, aside from the advisory role, this is a Nintendo project through and through.  We regret the confusion.