New Video: ASR Transformed for Wii U Demoed

New Video: ASR Transformed for Wii U Demoed

by September 14, 2012

First Look at Seaside Hill / Ocean Palace

We’re finally beginning to see broader views of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Via a news tip, we’ve received word of a video GamesRadar released yesterday showing off Seaside Hill / Ocean Palace on the Wii U.  It is off camera, but the camera is static.   Car and boat gameplay are included.  You’ll see the Wii U GamePad in action; in this case it shows off on overhead track map.  You’ll hear some commentary throughout, and some of it is a bit troubling; there is talk of constant framerate drops, as well as a  sometimes awkward control setup.  It is stressed that the build is not final, but with now about two months to go until the final game is released, matters like this become of increasing concern.

Take a look at the video below.