SA2, NiGHTS Re-Release Priced, Dated

SA2, NiGHTS Re-Release Priced, Dated

by September 17, 2012

Two-ish Weeks Away from Your Console

This morning, the Sega blog made official the price points and launch dates for both Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS Into Dreams…  Both have been announced as part of the Sega Heritage Collection line.

It turns out both games will have the same release date.  On Playstation Network that date will be October 2nd, a Tuesday.  On XBOX Live, it will be October 5th, a Friday.  Both games will retail for a $9.99 price point each.  That’s 800 MSP on XBOX Live.

What’s more, the Battle mode from Sonic Adventure 2 will be released separately as DLC.  It will retail for $3 on PSN, or 240 MSP on XBOX Live.

The bottom line: There is about two to two and a half weeks left until two classic Sonic Team titles will be ready to play in HD.