Lycett: No ASRT 3DS Showcase Due to Framerate Problems

Lycett: No ASRT 3DS Showcase Due to Framerate Problems

by September 18, 2012

Troubling Development Two Months Ahead of Launch

If you’ve wondered why you’ve seen literally nothing from the planned Nintendo 3DS edition of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, it’s because two months away from the game’s launch, Sega and Sumo Digital are still having trouble ironing out the game’s frame rate.

Sumo executive producer Steve Lycett confirmed as much in an interview with the Segabits Sonic Talk podcast.  He was joined by track designer Gareth Wilson.  Together, they spoke about the 3DS’s frame rate not being up to par, and how the team is still aiming for all content in the home console versions of ASR Transformed to appear on 3DS.

We have already seen how erratic the frame rate is on a Wii U build; that no one is comfortable showing the 3DS version at all now two months ahead of the game’s launch can’t be good.

But there was good news to come out of the conversation.  For one, a four player split screen mode was confirmed, both on and offline.  All-star moves will now be available for online play, as were online ranking systems.  You can listen to the interview in full at the link cited above.