TGS: Sony Announces Super Slim PS3

TGS: Sony Announces Super Slim PS3

by September 19, 2012

New Models Roll Out Next Week

We have our first bit of news out of this year’s Tokyo Game Show.  Sony unveiled a new model of the Playstation 3 at their press conference.  The conference wrapped up in Japan a short time ago.

The new model cuts a quarter of the previous one’s weight and a fifth of its size.  They will come in 250 GB and 500 GB models, the former of which will begin rolling into stores less than a week from now on September 25th in North America for $269.  A September 28th release of the 250 GB model will follow in Europe, followed by a launch of the 500 GB model at $299 or your country’s equivalent in October.  A special model that features 12 GB of flash memory along with the 250 GB hard drive will only be available in Europe from October.  More information about special bundles can be found at the US Playstation blog.

We plan to have more coverage from the 2012 Tokyo Game Show as the week moves on.  Thanks to AugieD who tipped us on Twitter.