First Look: Archie Sonic Comics for December

First Look: Archie Sonic Comics for December

by September 24, 2012

A Devil of a Time

Over the weekend, preview covers and synopses were released for the two Archie Sonic comics planned for release in December.

In the main series, issue #244 continues the Endangered Species saga with the return of Thrash the Tasmanian Devil, as the battle for Albion continues.  In Sonic Universe, the Chaotix Quest arc will roll on, with the team hot on the trail for Mighty and Ray.

Covers for both issues follow Archie’s formal synopses.


“(W) Ian Flynn (A) Terry Austin & Various (CA) Tracy Yardley & Various

‘Endangered Species,’ Part Two. Sonic and Team Fighters can’t retake Albion on their own. Who can help turn the tide? Knuckles, that’s who! Knuckles confronts old enemies and old hardships all at once to save the last of his people. And is it a good or a bad thing the mysterious Thrash the Tasmanian Devil has arrived?”


“(W) Ian Flynn (A) Jim Amash & Various (CA) Stephen Downer & Various

‘All For One,’ Part Two. The Chaotix are on the hunt for the missing Mighty and Ray, and their investigation takes them to the heart of enemy territory! With the Mercian Freedom Fighters at their side, will they find the vital clue they need? Or will Lord Hood claim more prisoners for his dungeon?”