TGS UPDATE: Arcade Perfect VF2 Confirmed in Yakuza 5

TGS UPDATE: Arcade Perfect VF2 Confirmed in Yakuza 5

by September 25, 2012

Model 2 Lives

Our Japan reporter Danny Russell is back from the Tokyo Game Show, and he tells TSSZ after a play-through of Yakuza 5 on the show floor that the version of Virtua Fighter 2 included in-game looks to be the original arcade edition, and not the altered home version released to Sega Saturn in 1995.

“The game seems to be an emulation with texture filtering running in full-screen with borders either side,” Danny says.

The home version had significant changes to accommodate the Saturn’s power differences versus the Model 2 arcade board, most notably in the visuals.

There was the possibility that we could see what is known as Virtua Fighter 2.1 in the game.  That edition included updated graphics and gameplay mechanics.  It was released to the Japanese Playstation 2 in 2004.  UPDATE: Danny updates us and says this is indeed original arcade version 2.0 we’re getting in Yakuza 5, not 2.1.  “There is absolutely zero chance of them using the PlayStation 2 upgrade,” Danny says.

Danny has more to share from this year’s TGS.  Look for more shortly.