Report: ASRT for Wii U A “Lazy, Sloppy Port”

Report: ASRT for Wii U A “Lazy, Sloppy Port”

by September 26, 2012

More Bad News for Nintendo Fans

Sumo executive producer Steve Lycett has been adamant of late in saying the demos of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed floating around are early code, and not representative of the final version.  Unfortunately, there are an increasing amount of previews for the game, in particular for the Wii U version, that suggest trouble–and they can’t all be wrong.

The latest and perhaps harshest is out of Nintendo Life, which called ASR Transformed on Wii U “the epitomy [sic] of a lazy, sloppy port,” comparing Sonic’s controls to a “shopping trolley,” and categorizing the use of the Gamepad as both a course map and rear-view mirror as “pointless.”

To get the basics out of the way, controls on the GamePad are intuitively set to the right trigger to accelerate, left trigger to drift around corners for valuable boosts, and the A button for weapons. That all works, but the problem in the track that we played is that Sonic’s vehicle handled like a shopping trolley, and there was the small matter of an abysmal frame-rate that dragged the action down and caused confusion, rather than fun. The visuals also looked like a strange filter had been applied, lacking any real crisp detail, and we actually got lost on the track after failing to spot some fuzzy pink arrows in a water section.


This may have not been the final build, of course, but this title left no favourable impressions. It says it all that despite getting lost, hitting a number of walls and battling with the frame rate, we still somehow won our race; by the time we got there, however, we were past caring.

This, combined with some previous previews showing off a questionable frame rate, and the fact any version of ASR Transformed isn’t expected to show up publicly at the Eurogamer expo this week, can’t be good news.  Sega may not have an official presence at New York Comic Con either, which could limit public exposure even more leading up to the game’s November launch.  These are not the signs of a company proud of its only major Holiday offering.  We will continue to monitor developments.