Lycett Alleges ASRT Wii U Framerate Problems Are Solved

Lycett Alleges ASRT Wii U Framerate Problems Are Solved

by September 28, 2012

Words, But No Evidence

Sumo executive producer Steve Lycett has been on damage control since a scathing preview of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for the Wii U was released this week.  That compounded concern started when video showing off a shoddy framerate on the Wii U made the rounds.

On NeoGAF, Lycett under his S0L handle posted a detailed explanation, though some of the language has softened from some of Lycett’s previous talk of ASR Transformed on Wii U being on track.  He even notes his belief that the demo video in question was meant for private eyes:

First thing here is the demo shown at the Nintendo WiiU launch event certainly wasn’t final code and should have been labelled as such. So many things about it, elements like performance, controls, balancing and the GamePad screen features should not in any way be taken as final.

In fact, if you came to the office today, the code you’d see here which has numurous [sic] improvements in every single one of those areas isn’t final either. That’s the point here, it’s not finished 🙂

One of the interesting elements about being a launch title is that you have dates that don’t move. As such, we have to make calls about how we use our time wisely. Doing a show floor demo can easily take two to three weeks, but that same amount of work is way more valuable to us to get the final game done. Especially since a show floor demo is invariably chucked away and never used again. Of course we also were told the demo would be behind closed doors… So we never really expected the level of scrutiny it got!

Anyway, it’s all academic. Right now we’re pretty much in target frame rate bar some spikes with effects on certain tracks, and in some cases in 5 player splitscreen. We’ll continue to hit those (and we have time to do so) not only on WiiU, but on all the other myriad of platforms we’re on.

We really care about this game, it represents over 2 and half years work for pretty much the entire team and right now every working hour is spent working on that final polish, getting the frame rate into the right place – and delivering what I very much feel, is our best SEGA project to date.

That is a lot of talk, but where’s the evidence?  Lycett said further in the NeoGAF thread that, with now six weeks to go until launch, Sumo is still finalizing the game and that the framerate is still being “sorted” in his words, on the handheld versions, indicating the handheld problems Lycett previously noted may not be limited to just the Nintendo 3DS.  There may not be another public build for that reason.  While Lycett is doing all he can to calm nerves, Sega has been of little help.  The last time the company said anything substantive about ASR Transformed was on August 15th, nearly six weeks ago.    Any kind of video from Sega to show these fixes in the updated build would go a long way to eliminate doubt, but the matter has simply not been addressed.

We will continue to bring you the latest on ASR Transformed up to launch day.