UDON Delays English Sonic History Book

UDON Delays English Sonic History Book

by October 3, 2012

Now Shooting for December “Timetable;” More Preview Pages Inside

An announcement made today by publisher UDON Entertainment confirms the English language version of The History of Sonic the Hedgehog, originally developed in France by Pix’n Love Publishing and originally planned for release in September, has instead been bumped to an end of the year release.

“We’re expecting the book to be out in comic book stores either the first or second week of December, and in bookstores and shipping from online retailers the second or third week of December,” the statement reads.  “Barring a shipping accident, the book will be in everyone’s hands before Christmas, and it is currently #1 in our print queue.”

UDON cites quality concerns as the main reason behind the delay.  The company elected to re-write all 300 pages in proper English, which required another round of approvals from Sega.

“That’s what the fans would want, and that’s what we wanted because we’re fans too,” the statement explains.

UDON also confirms they will now be distributing the English hardcover in the UK and elsewhere internationally.

The news comes as many fans saw their pre-orders for the book delayed or canceled.  Most recently, TSSZ readerChaoticFoxtipped us about a delay Amazon.com issued about the book.  The retailer quoted a mid-January timetable for release.  With today’s announcement, UDON is citing the December dates as “the most accurate timetable” officially.

The company also released some new preview pages from the book.  It covers pages 20 through 31, along with some artwork on pages 10 and 11.  We’ve relayed those below.