Updated ASR Transformed Wii U Preview Notes Improved Frame Rate

Updated ASR Transformed Wii U Preview Notes Improved Frame Rate

by October 8, 2012

All Clear Coming Out of Australia’s EB Expo

Many fans shared significant concern when demo after demo of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed cited frame rate problems during the race–a potentially big problem that could hamper the game’s success.  Steve Lycett assured fans the frame rate would be fixed, and a new preview from Nintendo Life, one of the sites to trash a previous build of the game, suggests those changes have been made.

The new impressions are based off a build shown off last week at the EB Expo in Australia.  We’ve emboldened the important bit:

The game holds up very well visually, with bright and colourful characters and eye-catching environments. The frame rate only skipped for us a couple of times after we’d crossed the finish line, it was never an issue while driving the cars.

Comparisons were even drawn to the XBOX 360 and PS3 versions, with the Wii U version getting a slight visual advantage in this preview.  Still, writer Brad Long explains another design issue that, if not tended to, could become a problem for some players:

The design of the course we played on wasn’t fantastic. Once in the water part of the course, we immediately went the wrong direction as we missed a small marker to the far right of the screen indicating a tunnel we needed to go to, when the course itself seemed to go straight ahead, sending us into an invisible wall and sending us to the back of the pack. We can only hope these course designs will be fixed in the final build.

We can only hope the new builds will show up later this week at the New York Comic Con, where it now appears Sega will have a bit of a presence.  I’ll be reporting direct from New York City beginning Thursday to bring you all the details.