Report: Backbone Entertainment on Verge of Closure

Report: Backbone Entertainment on Verge of Closure

by October 9, 2012

Firm Behind Numerous Sonic, Sega Re-Releases in Trouble

A report on IGN today claims Backbone Entertainment underwent layoffs recently and may be in danger of completely shutting down.

The report cites two sources inside the company.  One of the sources claimed closure isn’t imminent, and that Backbone may attempt to run under a much leaner staff going forward.

While Backbone has started dabbling into original IP of late, they are best known as the developer behind re-released classic games, including several produced for Sega.  Backbone was behind the iPod and digital re-releases of Sonic the Hedgehog, and worked on the Sonic 2 re-release for XBOX Live.  In 2009, Backbone with Sega released Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, a collection of several classic titles from the 16-bit era.  The company was also behind Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2 on the Playstation Portable.

While Sega appears to be updating recent re-releases like Jet Set Radio and Sonic Adventure 2 in-house, one has to wonder if any 16-bit catalog titles the company has up its sleeve may be endangered should Backbone fold.  That could be trouble for a series like ToeJam & Earl, though we’ve already seen achievements revealed for a planned release on XBOX Live.  Of course, it’s never good when re-releasing old games becomes a cornerstone of a company’s strategy, and one of the major players in said strategy to date is then close to collapse.

We’ll keep you informed of anything significant on this front.